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Uncertain economic times can make the dream of home ownership seem difficult to reach. NFDM, a HUD approved counseling agency, can help place that dream within your grasp.

Our pre-purchase counseling program can show you how to qualify for a market – rate mortgage. NFDM’s certified counselors are available to provide you with education on what it takes to become a homeowner. In person or over the phone, we offer confidential one-on-one counseling. Our expert counselors review you financial situation with you to help you understand ‘how much home’ you can afford and develop a personalized plan to get you into your home.

We take you step-by-step through the loan process, supply you with information to avoid predatory lending, and show you how to take advantage of the loan option best suited to your situation. We even help you research and determine whether you qualify for down payment assistance programs that may speed up progress toward your goal of owning a home.

NFDM also hosts public and private workshops in Pinellas county Florida, where residents may learn about the homeownership process in a classroom setting.

Call NFDM’s Homeownership Hotline, to discuss what we can do to help make your dream of owning a home a reality.

Contact: 1-888-301-8167 or, apply online to have an NFDM homeownership counselor contact you.