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Over the years, the National Foundation for Debt Management has helped thousands in pursuit of a better understanding of personal finance and money management. Here’s what a few of the individuals and organizations who have taken part in NFDM services have said about us:


Dear Sir:

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to straighten out my financial life, you were able to reduce the interest rates on my credit cards and pay them in time. Paying bills on time was my greatest problem I would get so depressed by all those bills that I didn’t want to write checks. Every time I put off paying on time they raised my interest rates fast to 26% and charged me late fees. Sometimes they were able to add a second $35 if the first one raised my account above their limit, this should not be legal it’s wrong. With you controlling my bill payment I was able to qualify to refinance my home at 5 1/4% and pay off all my personal debts and credit cards.

With desperate thanks,


I want to thank National Foundation for Debt Management for all the help and support that I received since 12/2000. With your help I was able to payoff a considerable amount of debt in a short period of time and get my family and my life back on track and moving forward. I was able to save $21,000 off my charge cards and could never have done it on my own. Again thank you so much for your support and effort in getting my family and I back on track for the future.



I would also like to say that it has been an extreme pleasure dealing with your company. Although the circumstances that lead to me your company are not so wonderful you have helped me get to the point where I have the ability to manage my finances. I have recommended your company too many that I feel could benefit from the program. I truly feel that had I not enrolled in this program I would have to file for bankruptcy. You have helped me tremendously and I thank you.


Kelly E

Dear Friends at NFDM,

Pam and I are grateful for your help. As we grow, we learn by our mistakes and you helped us with our burdens. It is a blessing to know we have giant killers like you! We will be sending you some names and addresses of other people who face these financial burdens, as we have.

Thanks again for your help,

Randy and Pam

My name is Nicole,

I will no longer need the services of National Foundation for Debt Management because all of my accounts are paid in full and closed. I also wanted to take some time to let you know how much I love what you have done for me. I have been a client for almost two years and I had managed to put myself in thousands of dollars worth of debt and you did what you promised to "get me out." I will never forget the first phone call I received to offer me this opportunity to put my head above water again. I was a little skeptical, but the person on the other line made me feel really comfortable. Since that first conversation the customer service has been excellent, my questions and concerns have been taken care of right away, and never once did I feel like you didn’t care about me. It is so nice to know that you are helping people just like me, who have made bad decisions, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I will never be able to thank you enough. I will always recommend your company to anyone that needs help with their debt. I can’t believe I am finally debt free, I feel like shouting from the rooftops. Being a client of yours was the best decision I ever made. Thank you.



My husband (Brian) and I would like to thank you. We are able to pay off a large sum of our debt allowing us to manage the remaining debt. We want to thank you for your services; if not for your company my husband and I would have been bankrupt. Thank you again National Foundation for Debt Management.


Brian and Tina

Dear National Foundation for Debt Management,

I wanted to let you know that I got all my cards paid off and am not going to need your services anymore. I appreciate all the help you have given me. Now with the help that you have given me I am going to be able to manage my finances from here out. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,


Dear NFDM,

I would like to thank you so very much for all the help you have given me. I cannot express to you how important your company is and how much it helps people get out of debt. I can finally sleep well at night knowing that I will be able to pay my bills on time. It means so much to me! Happy Holidays to you and all your coworkers, have a safe and Happy New Year. The best is yet to come.

Thanks a lot,


Dear Lyn,

It was so nice having you speak to my classes last Wednesday. Thank you very much! I wanted to share with you that I had students who told me the next day, "Those people are helping my Mom. She called them and they are going to help," and "My Mom read that and she cut up three of her credit cards and she is going to cancel them. She said she had too many credit cards." Those were students from my first period class!!! I imagine this is not an uncommon event, but it disarmed me how open and honest some of my students were. I imagine that your message got into many homes and I am happy for that. Please let me know your plans for the next sweep through the area. We will set it up for you to speak to multiple classes.


This letter is to let you know that I do appreciate what your company is doing getting me back in track. I’m sending you these statements so you may enter all the account information you may or may not have. I know that I have a long way to go, but having someone along aside of me such as NFDM makes the journey worth while.

Thank You,


I would like to take this time to thank Jenny Lee for her outstanding customer service in saving my account. Jenny called after I was going to close my account and expressed a few things in reference to two creditors on my account. She advised me that there would be a potential problem. The other competitors assured me that it would not be a problem but Jenny did not drop those accounts. It turned out that the competitor did not tell me the full truth and later came back to say that they could not take those accounts. I immediately canceled that contract and called NFDM back. I just wanted to let you know that she is very polite, courteous, and very good at her job of informing your clients honestly.

Thank you for your help,

Satisfied Customer

We are signed up with NFDM and have on occasion, spoken with Dennis Wilcox, who has helped us tremendously. What a wonderful person, really caring and compassionate. He really does your organization a great favor. We need more people like him in all businesses. He is people oriented and makes a person feel at ease in the unpleasant tasks that need to be done, especially with creditors. He gets the job done NOW! As we complain, we should also compliment. Consider it done, Dennis Wilcox need to be recognized Thank You Dennis.


C & H

Dear Mr. Edwards,

As a widow of 22 years, I thank you for running an honest program. I have been on the program since November 2002, I’m a teacher. Dawn Ray did a great job of explaining things to me. Although it was a random call I checked with the Better Business Bureau, they said they had no complaints. I just wanted to again thank you for making this program possible. Yes, teachers can have problems too.



Would like to take this time out and say thank you for personally being there as a person and excellent financial adviser. I couldn’t have reached so far in such little time. In time I will be “DEBT FREE!”

Thanks again for all your help

Here are just some few of my statements that I am sending you. I can see the difference that this has made since I have been on this program. Thanks to the debt management program. I can breathe easy. Watching my debt come down; gives me so much confidence in myself. I’m getting this all under control.

Thank you,


Thank you so very much for all your professional help and advice. It is my thought that everyone who is in financial problems should come to you for the help they need. Of course they need to “stay the course.” This program has been a stress buster for me.

Respectfully submitted,


Many thanks for your assistance with managing of my debt. We are finally debt free and feel a real scene of security!

Warm Regards,


Thank you so much for your help in clearing my credit card debt. Without your help it would have taken me forever to clear my debt. You are just wonderful.

Thank you again ,


I also want to say thank you for your help in clearing my debt. It is interesting to note that I wanted to do this so that I would be able to afford a home of my own. With your help along with my aunt and uncle, I recently purchased a condo. I will continue to use the budget information strategies in the packet you gave me to help me not make the same mistakes that I did the first time. Finally I can sleep well at night.

Thank again for all of your help,


Thank you NFDM for assisting me in managing my debt. When I was first approached by one of your representatives last March I was quite skeptical about the program. How was this to help me manage my debts? My credit was ruined! But as time would have it, signing up with your program has been one of the best investments I have done. It has given me the time and clarity of mind to focus on other issues and freed me up of unwanted calls from bill collectors. I also want to thank you staff for assisting me “right on the spot” with any questions or concerns I have had concerning my account and payment arrangements.

Thank you


In reference to our brief conversation this morning, I’m writing to commend NFDM and its staff for the quality “product” and the service it provides. Every time I’ve called, I’ve consistently gotten courteous, professional customer service. Although there may be others whose name I don’t recall, Tom Harrison, Becky, Jan, and Elena come to mind. Please let their supervisors know how much I appreciate their efforts. Everyone there has been great. I get the feeling that you folks are really trying to help us get out of debt and back into financial freedom. The proposals and ideas I’ve gotten from your customer service representatives seem to be geared to do just that. Add a friendly voice and it all seems just the more possible.

Thank you

I want to thank your organization for assisting me in accomplishing this life goal. I will not hesitate to refer your organization to anyone whom might need your assistance in the future.



We appreciate the services you provided to us. We have been able to re-finance our home and consolidate all of our bills. Thank you for coming to our rescue when we needed it most. We were quite impressed with your service; especially, in the effort you put forth in getting every one of our creditors to lower their interest rates. God Bless you!!

Again thank you,


The program has been very beneficial in enhancing my financial stability and I appreciate the dedication of NFDM staff. I look forward to more financial freedom as a result of your combined efforts.



I’ll try to make the story short, like most people, I’m stressing trying to make ends meet, one night I had a phone call explaining to me how I could manage my debt. After a little time it finally is working. I’ve received letters from my creditors agreeing to this proposal which is better than bankruptcy or nothing at all. I didn’t mean to be in this situation but thanks to the effort, phone calls and spending time with creditors. I finally have peace of mind, no harassing phone calls, and no threats. The telephone doesn’t ring every 30 minutes. I just want to let everybody know how happy I am that I made the right decision with the right people and the right company. Thank you very much for your help, I hope I’ll be back on my feet and learn the lesson about credit cards. They’re not at fault it is us that have to manage better and use them for our benefits. God bless all of you from the bottom of my heart

Yours Truly,


I want to thank everyone at National Foundation For Debt Management for all the help in making this possible for me. I couldn’t have done this mighty feat unless I had a great bunch of people like you in keeping me going at this task. In all I want to thank you again for making this happen for me.

Thank you,

Author V.


As part of our programming, we offer workshops on financial literacy for our program participants and their parents. For the past two years, NFDM has provided speakers/ presenters for our annual Financial Literacy Workshop – Moneysense. The information shared during the presentations was invaluable to our program participants, their parents as well as the members of our organization. The speakers are very knowledgeable and shared a wealth of information to assist us in becoming better stewards of our finances. We will be planning next year’s workshop soon and our plans will include inviting the NFDM to return.


Cassandra B. Williams CPA, Treasurer

Economic Development Committee

In 2006 we met the National Foundation for Debt Management and found the perfect partner; not only in information but in mission. Through this partnership we are able to provide credit counseling to current and future business owners. This counseling improves their opportunity to make sound decisions and empowers them to positively impact their families. To date more than 90 people have benefited from this service. Early results demonstrate that those who received the counseling had implemented the lessons learned and improved their personal budgets. This will help them be better business owners as well.

We are very satisfied with the work and our partnership with the National Foundation for Debt Management.


Yanina Rosario, President

Hispanic Business Initiative Fund 

We believe that our community’s quality of life will improve when people have the capacity to provide for themselves. NFDM is helping our organization deliver financial literacy education to single women of the neighborhood through our “Women’s Investment Network” a financial literacy, education, planning and savings program. So far over the past two years more than 24 women have benefited from the training and financial coaching and support that NFDM provides. We value our partnership and the support NFDM has provided members of our community and our organization. Their expertise and guidance in the design and development of our program as well as the expert execution of their training programs have been critical to our organization’s success.


Elizabeth Gutierrez, Executive Director

Greater Palm River Point Community Development Corporation 

I would like to first take the time to thank you for the service you have provided to our clients and organization. Marlene Ware has been phenomenal and her services are very much appreciated by our center and our clients. Aside for dealing with a crisis pregnancy, most of our clients are also facing financial struggles. By providing classes like yours, our clients have had the opportunity to learn about ways of improving their finances, and will hopefully help them become free of debt.

Thanks again for donating your time, services, and for the difference your classes are making for the clients we serve in our community.


Danelia Germosen, Center Manager

Pregnancy Center of Pinellas County